BrianWFoster’s First Law of Writing

My First Law: Have a goal.

Oh, you say you want to write a 1000 words a day or finish your novel in a year?  Great, fine.  It’s good to set objectives for yourself, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Have a goal for your writing.

If you’re a humorist, you want to make people laugh.  If you’re Stephen King, you want to give people nightmares.  You may desire to teach something or to convey your political viewpoint. 

Whatever that goal is, keep it in the front of your mind and use writing techniques designed to accomplish your objective.

I have two goals:

1. Keep the reader engaged – I want my readers to be a hazard on the roads because they’re so sleep deprived from not being able to put my book down the previous night.

2. Envoke an emotional response from the reader – It’s great if my reader enoyed the book and couldn’t put it down, but I won’t be satisfied unless it caused them to feel something for the characters.

All the Laws and tips that I give from this point forward will be keep these two goals in mind.  If you have different objectives, understand that my tips may not apply to you.

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