Review of Flank Hawk

In Flank Hawk, Mr. Ervin introduces to a future in which fantasy creatures and magic have become commonplace.  What happens when the necromancer uses the doomed souls of Nazis to reintroduce technology?  It’s up to a young man from a small village to put his life on the line to save everyone.

Why to buy this book: 1. The character arc reminded me a lot of The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon, and I’m a sucker for that type of story.  2. The book is epic fantasy at its finest, featuring the struggle of good against evil.  3. The writing is, overall, good.  Mr. Ervin draws you into the story and introduces realistic, relatable characters.  I found myself not wanting to put the book down.  4. I love the intersection of fantasy and scifi.  5. I don’t see first person used a lot in fantasy, and, after reading this book, I don’t understand why.  Mr. Ervin uses it to good effect.

Why not to buy the book: I’m not a big fan of elements of high fantasy.  This book contains (and this is not a comprehensive list): zombies, goblins, ogres, giants, and dragons.  Halfway through the work, I said to myself “at least there are no elves.”  I spoke too soon.   My other major problem with the book was some of the character names.  Road Toad?  Really?  By the end of the book (and this character appears frequently), I still had that reaction whenever I read the name. 

Bottom Line: I try to save 5 stars for my favorite books of all time like Eye of the World and Name of the Wind, and I couldn’t stretch quite that high for this one.  It’s a solid 4 and worth reading.  I plan on buying the rest of the books in the series.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book; I did not receive a promotional copy.  However, Mr. Ervin is a member of a writer forum that I frequent.  In exchange for this honest review, it is anticipated that he will provide an honest review of Power of the Mages when it is released.


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