Interesting Blog Post on Self Publishing

I ran across an interesting post in this blog today discussing what steps you need to take before you self publish.  He makes a lot of sense advocating paying for a macro edit by a professional.  Maybe I’m biased because it’s what I was planning to do anyway, but I think he’s spot on.

He also lists the order in which he plans to pursue these steps for his self published book, including having the macro edit performed after the rough draft and before any other edits.

This makes sense, but it isn’t the route I’ve chosen for Power of the Mages.  When I started the novel, I was too far down the learning curve for having even a macro edit to have any value.  For my next book, I will certainly  consider this methodology.  However, I tend to write the first draft by the seat of my pants and fix a lot of the plot/character problems on the second go through.  Maybe I modify his system to have the draft done after the 2nd edit but before any polishing?


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