Review of Invasion


In Invasion: Book One of the Secret World Chronicles, Ms. Lackey et al tells of a world where superpowers are common.  When Nazis attack with super advanced technology, however, everything is thrown into chaos.

Why to buy this book: The plot isn’t about an alien invasion, per se, but, if you like that genre, you might like this book.  Similarly, if you like books about people with super powers, you might like this book.  This book apparently has something to do with a role playing game called City of Heroes.  I’m not familiar with this RPG, but, if you’re a fan of it, you might like this book.

Why not to buy the book: While any of the reasons above may cause you to like the book, I find it hard to believe that you actually will.  The plot is weak and disjointed.  It feels like a bunch of vignettes thrown together.  Likewise, none of the characters drew me in.  I found it easy to put down and hard to finish.

Bottom Line: I try to save two stars for works that are pretty dreadful.  This one isn’t that bad.  It’s professionally written and produced.  However, those qualities, and it’s price point, makes me have higher expectations.  It’s a 2.5.  Unless you have a desire to read all of Ms. Lackey’s work or are a huge City of Heroes fan, I’d skip it.


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