Review of Queen of Mages

In Queen of Mages, Mr. Clayborne introduces us to Dardan, the son of a count.  He’s a bit shy, especially around women.  His manservant, Liam, is the exact opposite.  Then we meet Amira, the beautiful widow, who was a commoner raised to nobility after marrying a wealthy merchant.  She’s used to using her beauty to get her way, but she has secrets, which she and her servant seek to protect at any cost.

Why to buy this book: It’s a dual love story involving both the nobles and their servants.  The relationships take center stage in the book and are handled quite well.  I also liked the originality of the tale.  The book starts in a world with no magic and covers the upheaval that occurs when it is introduced.

Why not to buy this book: It could probably be considered a little long-winded, but, as a fan of epic fantasy, I didn’t mind the length.

Bottom Line: This is a solid four star read.  I highly encourage you to check it out and can’t wait for the sequel.  A word of warning, however: the sample chapters did not do the piece justice.  I was prepared to not read it after completing the preview.  If you’re still unconvinced, find the author’s website for the extended sample.

Disclaimer: I “know” the author from an online forum.  In return for my honest review of his book, I expect him to similarly honestly review mine when it is released.


2 thoughts on “Review of Queen of Mages

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