A Few Posts from Other Blogs

Over at Mythic Scribes, JC Farnham requested prompts to get his creative juices flowing.  I provided him with:

Emerging from the wormhole, the flying saucer dodged the like-sized clay pigeon.  A blast sounded from a shotgun.

I also told him he’d get bonus points if he used a genre other than scifi.  Check out what he did with it at his blog.

Over at Forbes, Suw Charman-Anderson advises you “Don’t Publish that Book.”  She makes a lot of good points about those interested in self publishing rushing to publish before their work is ready.

In the comments section of that post, I found a link to a discussion about “The Gate-keepers in Publishing Today.”  The author, who apparently has published through traditional means, seems a tad dismissive toward self publishings, but it’s a good read.


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