If You’ve Published a Book, I’d Appreciate You Responding to These Marketing Questions

I’m working on a blog post about marketing books.  My concept is to ask authors the questions below and compile the results.  If you’re willing to participate, please respond with your answers either in the comments below or email them to me at author@brianwfoster.com.

  1. When you published your novel, what did you do for your launch?   Did you have a marketing plan?
  2. Which of the following have you tried?  For those you have tried, please rate your perception of the technique’s effectiveness on a scale of 1 – 10 (one being “didn’t work” and 10 being “awesome”). 
    1. Blog Tour
    2. Book Signing
    3. Advertising (where and how much?)
    4. Blogging
    5. Twitter
    6. Facebook
    7. Search Engine Optimization
    8. Getting your book reviewed by book bloggers
    9. Getting your book reviewed by Amazon top reviewers
    10. Conventions/Book Fairs
  3. Describe the arc of your sales figures.  Did it start big and taper off?  Have you seen a steady increase?  Have you seen steady sales with spikes?
  4. If you’ve seen spikes in your sales or anything that led to steady growth, to what do you attribute that growth?
  5. Are you traditionally or self published?  If traditional, did you see any marketing advantage?  Please describe.
  6. Do you promote other author works on your site in exchange for the same?  have you solicited comment from established authors to advertise on your book cover or book website?  With what results?
  7. What advice, from a marketing standpoint, would you give fellow authors who are about to publish their work?

2 thoughts on “If You’ve Published a Book, I’d Appreciate You Responding to These Marketing Questions

  1. 1. I’ve only used blogging as a “launch.” I’ve serialized some of my work on my Live Journal blog before publishing, but no longer do that. Right now, my main technique is to publish excerpts, but only on my WP blog.
    2. A, B, C, F, G, H, I, J – no. I posted on Twitter now and then, but no longer use it at all.
    D. Blogging – yes
    3. Fairly decent sales upon publication, tapering off and more or less stabilizing. But this varies from book to book. Some hardly sell at all.
    4. Occasional spikes are probably random or seasonal since I don’t do anything to encourage them.
    5. Self-published.
    6. I promote other authors on my blog now and then, but never in exchanges, which I disapprove of.
    7. Since I write books that are never going to be popular, the only advice I can give is to develop your craft *before* publishing, and edit, edit, edit. I’m not a marketer and generally ignore the most popular advice, most of which is ineffective anyway.

    Hope you got some responses via email. One comment isn’t very helpful.

    • Catana,

      Thank you so much for responding. That’s good information.

      Don’t worry; I’m actually quite pleased with the number of replies. You make 8.

      Look for a summary on my blog on Monday.


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