Review of Blood Sword

In Blood Sword, Mr. Ervin continues the tale of Flank Hawk and his desperate attempts to fulfill his duty and save his kingdom.  This time, he has to journey back to the Colonel of the West to get the Blood Sword back.

Why to buy this book:  If you’re reading a review of the second book in a series, you probably a) already read the first and enjoyed it and b) want to make sure that author didn’t totally screw the pooch with the sequel.  Good news!  Mr. Ervin did just fine.  More action, more battles, more crazy fantasy creatures.  The book is the logical continuation of the saga.  On a personal note, I was gratified to see much fewer references to the name “Road Toad,” so “yay” for me.  I also like two of the new characters – a young stable hand and the daughter of an enchantress.  I hope they both stay around for the rest of the series.

Why not to buy the book: Flank Hawk seemed bigger than this book, not lengthwise but regarding scope.  I think it’s because the first book concentrated on a lot of huge battles whereas the action in this book seems more spread out and the fights more isolated.

Bottom Line: I liked Flank Hawk better than Blood Sword, but this is still a solid read and a good continuation of the series.  4 Stars.



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