Review of Terry Goodkind’s The Omen Machine

In The Omen Machine, Mr. Goodkind continues the Sword of Truth series.  You know, the one we thought he finished with Confessor.  I read the reviews on Amazon saying that the book was horrible, so I have no one to blame but myself.  I figured: a lot of people didn’t like the end of the series, but I derived some enjoyment from it.

Why to buy this book:  I can think of only one reason: you’re a budding author, and you need an example of why over-explaining and telling when you should show is bad.

Why not to buy the book: The writing.  The plot.  Everything about the book.

Bottom Line: I’m a fan of the Sword of Truth.  I like Richard and Kahlan.  I recognize that the writing at the end of the series deteriorated, but I didn’t care.  Until now.  This book is so bad that I will not continue the series.  In fact, I plan on getting rid of my hardcopies of the first books because The Omen Machine left such a bad taste in my mouth that I doubt I’ll ever want to reread any of them.  A bestselling author who has some kind of talent foisting this total dreck on his audience should be a criminal act.  1 star.



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