Status Update

My pie-in-the-sky goal is to publish five books by the end of 2014.  Even seeing as how I’ve to this point published exactly zero, I think that three is doable.

Power of the Mages – I’ll finish the 2nd draft of Chapter 27 today.  I’ve taken Chapter 28 and half of 29 to my writing group, so the next edit of those will go quickly.  Bottom line, I should be completely finished with the draft by the end of November.  The first and second drafts are by far the hardest.  I actually enjoy 3rd draft revisions and hope to have that finished by the end of February.  After an eight week wait to let it perculate, I’ll do the 4th draft.  By the end of April, I’ll have it to the editor.

The Slender Man Massacre – I’m taking this one chapter by chapter to my writing group every other Monday.  After picking up their comments, I feel pretty comfortable with letting the draft stand as my 3rd Draft.  Assuming 25 to 30 chapters (I’ve completed 2 thus far), we’re looking a late 2013 to finish and ready to send to an agent/publisher in early 2014.  (I’m not positive yet what route I’m going to take with this one, but I feel the book will be highly marketable.)

Untitled SciFi Action – I’m in the outline stage on this one, but I plan to write the rough draft start to finish in the eight weeks that I’m leaving Power of the Mages in a drawer.  There’s not reason I can’t have the editing done by early 2014.  Depending on how it turns out, I may send it to Baen to see if they like it.  If they don’t, I’ll self publish.

That leaves two additional books I need to publish in 2014 to meet my goal.  Here are the possibilities:

  • Nonfiction book about writing – I’m not sure on this.  On one hand, I don’t consider myself enough of an expert to pen a book on the subject.  On the other hand, I’m much closer to beginning level that most of the authors of these types of books.  My concept would be, “What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Writing Before I Started.  It wouldn’t take that long to write as I’ve done a lot of the preliminary work as blog posts, and I find nonfiction a lot faster to produce.
  • Anthology – I’ve got ideas for several short stories taking place in the “Power” world.  I could package my novelette, four short stories, and a novella together and sell it.  I’ve also got other ideas for short stories that could be combined into a short anthology.
  • The sequel to Power of the Mages – As soon as I finish the untitled SciFi, I’ll get to work on this sequel.  I think it’s stretching it that it will be ready by the end of 2014, however.

I find that working on multiple projects helps keep me productive.  When I’m not in the mood to edit, sometimes I can still write and vice versa.  Here’s an update on some other projects:

  • Abuse of Power – I submitted this novelette for publication in Myths Inscribed on 10/31/12.  The ezine is scheduled to come out on 12/1, so I hope to hear back soon on whether it was accepted.
  • Untitled Short Story – This project is emblematic of my problems.  I’m 500 words into a short story for a small contest, and I’ve already turned it into a small anthology in my mind.

In addition to the writing, I have this blog.  Here are my plans for it going forward:

  • I’ve developed a good rhythm of posting solid content Monday – Thursday, links or miscellaneous on Friday, and taking Saturday and Sunday off.  I may decrease post frequency at some point, but, for the immediate future, I’ll keep to this schedule.
  • The focus of the blog is definitely shaping up.  Right now, it’s primarily about writing tips, and I seem to get the most interest from those.
  • Eventually, I want to branch out into posting more about self publishing and marketing, sharing my experience as I learn.
  • I’m fairly happy with the response the blog is getting as followers and hits keep growing.  I’d like more interaction in the form of submissions and comments, and I probably should promote it more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my plans and on the direction of the blog.


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