Review of The Maze Runner

Sorry for no post yesterday; I was on the road.  I drove up to Oakland to watch the Saints crush the Silver and Black.  Good times. 

Likewise, don’t expect posts Thursday or Friday.  I’ll return to my normal Monday through Friday schedule next week.

Now, on to the Review:

In The Maze Runner, Mr. Dashner tells of a young man, Thomas, who is transported in an elevator to a mysterious place where other teenagers fight against metal monsters to survive.  None of them remember much of their outside lives, and their only mission is to escape.

Why to buy this book: It is competently written and is fast paced.  Action drives the plot to a satisfactory and quick conclusion.

Why not to buy the book: While the writing is competent, it is not spectacular.  There are a few annoyances, like Mr. Dashner’s overuse of semi-colons and transparent attempts to withhold information at the start of the novel.  He would have been much better off simply addressing Thomas’ questions at the start instead of having half a dozen different characters say, “You have to wait until tomorrow to find out what’s going on.”  Really?  The main problem for me, though, was that I didn’t start to care about the POV character until half way through the book.  I think the author should have devoted more time to character development at the start whether than trying to drive the story with hooks.

Bottom Line: The biggest indictment of the book I can give is that I’m not willing to spend money to buy any more of the series.  If I had spare time and someone gave them to me, I’d read them, but I’m not breaking out my credit card for them.  I give it a middle-of-the-road 3 stars.


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