A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum…

I’m a writer.  You’d think that I’d find a clever way to tie in the random title to the topic of my post today.  Not as much.  It’s just there ’cause it’s a famous title and uses the word “forum.”

I’ve found that writing requires a lot of support.  It’s a difficult craft to master, and getting the opinion of other authors regarding use of technique, plot holes, and research is important.  Pursuing this artform can also be a soul-crushing experience; it’s good to have friends who understand what you’re going through.

To this end, I’ve found that online forums are a great resource.  Beyond the advantages listed above, they are also a great place to find beta-readers and get encouragement.  Here are some that I frequent:

Mythic Scribes – If you’re a budding fantasy writer, you need to visit this site.  There are a lot of helpful, civil, and knowledgeable people who can help you.

48Days.net – Though forums for writers have some discussions on marketing, it’s definitely not the focus.  This forum is all about trying to make money, and a lot of  writers gather there.  I’m finding it a nice place that offers a different knowledge base.

Writing Forums – So far, I’ve found that genre specific forums seem to offer more than generic writing forums like this one.  Still, this is one is active, and I’m maintaining a presence there.

Sci-Fi Writer’s Forum – I haven’t explored this one too much, but it appears to be active.  I’ll get more involved in this community once I start my next project.

Goodreads – I’ve been told that this is a great place for authors to interact with their readers.  I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how the community works there, but I haven’t given up yet.

What about you?  Any forums that you’ve found useful?


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