Is Your Idea Good Enough?

Browse any writing forum, and you’ll see two primary questions from beginning writers:

Is my writing good enough?

I’m there with you; that is a hardest question to answer.  The only way to figure it out is to put your writing out there and get feedback.  Keep improving until you feel you’re good enough.  No one can really answer that besides you.

The other question is: Is my idea good enough?

Usually, the post asking this question is a long, convoluted list of what happened when and to whom, often with the disclaimer, “I realize that no one but me will really understand this.”

Truthfully, I get it.  You want confirmation that you’re on the right track.  It’s human nature to seek approval and input.

I can’t help you, though.  Sorry.

I don’t believe that one idea trumps another one.

Take two stories:

  1. A hero attempts to save the world from terrorists who have obtained a nuclear weapon.
  2. A boy faces a bully to get his bike back.

Is Story 1 inherently more exciting and fraught with danger?  Quite frankly, no.

The reader doesn’t have some absolute scale in their mind where they evaluate the danger presented in one book versus the danger presented in another.  The reader experiences the book through the POV character.  The situation faced by that little boy can be every bit as heart-pounding as the quest to disarm a bomb.


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