Some Contest Links

I’ve been thinking about writing contests a lot lately.  First, my short story, “Man in White,” won Ankari’s Iron Pen 5, and then Zero Angel posted a link to Amazon’s Amazing Breakthrough Novel Contest.

Though it feels like making a deal with the devil, I’ve decided to enter Amazon’s contest.  It starts on January 14, 1013, and, since they’re only accepting the first 10,000 entries, I need to have it in on that date.  Lots to do before then:

  • Finish 2nd draft of Power of the Mages
  • Get as far on the 3rd draft as I can by 1/7.  I think I can get through at least chapter 11.
  • Spend the remaining week picking up beta reader comments on the rest of the chapters; I’ll call that draft 2.5.
  • Figure out formatting and everything else I need to do to actually enter the manuscript.

That extensive list means that all my writing besides this blog will be devoted to editing the novel – no more shorts for a while and Slender Man is on hiatus.

It’s a struggle to get your work noticed, and I think that contests have the potential to help.  The recognition is important, and they expose you to readers who wouldn’t have otherwise noticed you.  And, of course, the prices don’t hurt.

Here are some other links to check out:

  • A list of competitions hosted by Writers Digest
  • A searchable list of all kinds of contests

I’ve also decided to host a writing challenge on this blog.  Watch for details in early February.

Have you had any experience with contests and challenges?  Post your experiences in the comments.


One thought on “Some Contest Links

  1. Brian, good luck with your writing as well as the contest!
    Once my writing is where it needs to be (I have a LONG want to go), hopefully I will provide you some competition in future contests : )

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