Too Many Story Ideas

Speaking of managing time as a writer (see yesterday’s post), I simply have too many ideas to produce them all.

When I shared with my wife my dream of becoming a writer, her first question was, “Aren’t you afraid you’ll run out of ideas?”  I just kind of grinned; that’s definitely not going to be an issue.

Currently, I have the following projects in process:

  • Power of the Mages – the first of a planned four book epic fantasy series now in the 3rd draft stage
  • The Slender Man Massacre – Hopefully stand-alone YA horror – I’m working on the 4th chapter
  • Untitled Scifi Novel – Kind of Perry Rhodan meets Troy Rising, this one, still in the outlining stage, is intended to be an open ended series
  • The Man in White – Nearly complete short story designed to be the first of five parts of an eventual novel

I also have a concept for a YA urban fantasy romance (cause there really aren’t enough of these being written) that I can’t get out of my head, kind of my answer to Twilight.  I think this one, probably a four book series, will eventually get written.

Additionally, I’m all the time coming up with new ideas that I simply don’t have time to write.  For example, I’ve seen variations of the following scene play out in real life a dozen times, and it’s begging for me to write a story around it:

Little Man’s voice comes from the backseat, “Trak-or.”

In the passenger seat beside me, my wife looks around until she spots the construction site.  “You see a tractor?”

“I scared.”

With her voice full of feigned enthusiasm with just a hint of exasperation, she replies, “You are not scared of a tractor.”


“It will not give you a boo-boo.”

Little Man makes a smacking noise with his mouth.

“But if it does, Mama will kiss it and make it better.”

Just yesterday, I got a new idea from a post on Mythic Scribes – A character in a fantasy setting wants to rid his basement of rats and perseveres through a bunch of setbacks.  That’s it.  A simple premise that I found to be full of so much promise.  A character began to take shape in my head, and I wanted so badly to say, “Challenge accepted.”  If only I had the time.

I’ve a great idea for a fantasy/scifi blend.  An ancient race sees a great military threat approaching.  The advancing horde will take centuries to approach, but the good guys see no way to beat them.  Finally, they hit on the idea of manipulating some technologically inferior races to build them into a fighting force.  At this point, I seriously doubt I’ll ever get around to this story.

So many ideas, so much inspiration – so little time.


2 thoughts on “Too Many Story Ideas

  1. Hey, the fantasy/sci-fi one was kinda’ done in the Posleen War series by John Ringo and I’m sure many others of course. Not saying you can’t do it, just thought if you didn’t have time to write it yourself, you might be interested in versions done by others. In Ringo’s, humans were the technologically inferior race

    • Zero,

      I’ve read Ringo’s Posleen War series. I liked it quite a lot.

      The concept for my series, however, would focus on the aliens taking the inferior race from a medieval civilization to a spacefaring one rather than concentrating on the actual war.

      Thanks for the comment.


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