And the Winner for Brian W. Foster’s Best Book Read in 2012 is…

There are two ways to handle clichés – avoid them or embrace them.  I choose the latter, and what can be more cliché than a blogger who does book reviews picking his best book for the year?

Answer – A blogger posting his New Year’s Resolutions, but that’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

Without further ado, on to the choosing of the not-quite-coveted Brian W. Foster’s Best Book of 2012 Award.

The criteria is simple: the book chosen has to be –

  1. One that I finished reading during the calendar year of the award.
  2. Not a book written by me.
  3. In my opinion, the best book I read for that year.

I find that, for an award such as this, it’s better to get the perspective of time.  I tend to write reviews immediately after finishing a book, and both the strengths and negatives remain fresh in my mind.  Once I put some distance between the book and me, I can determine if it stuck with me.  If I forgot that I even read it, it’s probably not a strong candidate.  If, after several months, I look back fondly on it, it deserves consideration.

For 2012, I had two strong contenders.

The runner up for the award is Benjamin Clayborne’s Queen of Mages.  You can read my review of it here.  I love the premise of the book – magic is introduced into a world where none had existed – and I love that the book is character driven.  Overall, a strong contender but edged out by the winner on a purely subjective basis.

And the winner is…

Critical Failures by Robert Bevan.   You can read my review here.  Longtime readers of my blog will remember that I value the book’s ability to engage me as a reader more than any other quality, and this one was so entertaining that I found it hard to put down.  I don’t search out humorous books, but I’m glad I found this one.  A good, character-driven story that incorporates laugh-out-loud humor is a great find.


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