Writing Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Typically, my New Year’s resolution is to make no resolutions, one that I can never seem to keep for some reason.  This year, I have some real writing goals.

Resolution #1 – Publish Power of the Mages

This goal is quite attainable.  The 3rd draft is going well; there’s a real chance of me finishing it by early March.

Resolution #2 – Write a nonfiction book about writing

Blogging has helped me organize my thoughts for a nonfiction book.  Here’s the working title: Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of Beginning Fiction Writers – 12 Simple Techniques to Improve Your Craft.  I see no reason for me not to be able to produce and publish this book this calendar year.

Resolution #3 – Finish second draft of The Slender Man Massacre

Rather than do a complete first draft, I’m taking each chapter to the second draft stage before continuing.  At one chapter every two weeks, I should be able to finish in 50 to 56 weeks.  Given that timetable, I may be a little behind on finishing it in 2013.  The important goal is to publish it in 2014.

Resolution #4 – Finish first draft of untitled scifi novel

During the 8 weeks between the end of the 3rd draft of Power of the Mages and when I start the 4th, my goal is to completely write the first draft of a new novel.  I’m not sure how much more I’ll work on it this year; the objective is to publish it in 2014.

Resolution #5 – Start of a 5th book to be published in 2014

Though up to this point in my life, I’ve published exactly zero books, I think it realistic to publish 4 by the end of next year.  Five is a bit of a pie in the sky dream, but that’s what I’d love to do.




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