Review of Rider: Spirals of Destiny Book 1

In Rider: Spirals of Destiny Book 1, Mr. Bernheimer tells the story of the bond between a unicorn, Majherri, who shouldn’t have survived the loss of his rider, and Kayleigh Reese, an outcast seeking a place to belong.  Disclaimer: I wouldn’t normally purchase a novel about a unicorn, but I so loved Confessions of a D-List Supervillain that I was desperate to read something else by this author.

Why to buy this book: The writer clearly has talent.  He wa able to draw me into the story despite the subject matter (again, I’m just not into high fantasy elements).  Overall, I found it enjoyable and well worth the $3 I paid for it.

Why not to buy the book: Though I enjoyed it overall, the writing simply did not meet my expectations, which, admittedly, were pretty high after how much I enjoyed the previous book that I read by this author.  Punctuation mistakes and typos abounded.  Worse, the text badly needed another round of editing for tightening; some of the dialogue was literally cringe-worthy.  Readers less forgiving than I may also not like the “conclusion” as the author’s chosen ending for the book seems more like a good place for a chapter break.

Bottom Line: It says something that I, overall, enjoyed the book despite the noticeable flaws, and, because of that enjoyment, I considered giving it a higher star rating.  In the end, though, the mistakes grated and the story wasn’t strong enough, or special enough, to compel more than 3 stars.


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