Review of A Memory of Light

In A Memory of Light, Mr. Sanderson concludes the previously seemingly unending saga of the Wheel of Time that the late Robert Jordan began. The most important thing about the book is that it is an actual ending instead of an announcement that the actual finale will take place over another trilogy to be completed ten years from now.

Why to buy this book: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if you’re reading a review of a sequel, the main thing you want to know is if the author completely screwed it up. He didn’t. It was a solid read, engaging at times. Some of the scenes were even awesome. One in particular involving Rand, Mat, and Tuon was incredibly well done. Mat shined in this book.

Why not to buy the book: It’s hard to evaluate this book on its own. I didn’t go back and reread the entire series leading up to it (my wife probably would have threatened divorce if I would have), and I might have felt differently if I had. It seemed extremely choppy as Mr. Sanderson jumped to a new character and situation seemingly with every scene. I’m not sure that he could have avoided this technique too much since there were so many threads to tie up, but it sure made it hard to get into the book. I found the first half incredibly easy to put down. There were also some technical issues that stood out to me like the overuse of “then” and speech tags, but these were minor. The biggest problem was that Mr. Sanderson completely failed to make me feel anything when major characters died. I would have expected to feel a least a little sad; instead, nothing.

Bottom Line: It was worth the read, and Wheel of Time remains my favorite fantasy series. I give WoT 5 stars but can only manage 4 for this book individually.


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