Review of Timepiece

I’m having WordPress issues. I wasn’t able to access the “New Post” feature at all yesterday, and it’s still acting buggy today. Is this just me or are others having problems?

In Timepiece, Ms. Albano tells of a young woman stifled by early 19th century society. When she received a watch in the mail that lets her move through time, her adventure begins.

Why to buy this book: If you like time-traveling steampunk with monsters, giant robots, and alternative history, this book is a bargain. The romantic elements and character development were, for the most part, done quite well. I also liked the hook she through in at the end (trying not to give spoilers here) that gives an interesting hint about the origin of the third protagonist.

Why not to buy the book: To begin with, I don’t really like prologues all that much, and the author added to my misery by going out of her way to not describe the “monsters.” I’m assuming that she wished to build up hype for when the things appear later in the story, but she mainly ended up annoying me by withholding information in a clumsy manner. When the monsters eventually entered the plot again, they did not meet the high expectations the author established in the prologue. Speaking of that prologue, she revisits the events but has the time travelers change what happens. No problem there, but the scene got repetitive. Perhaps it would have been better to start nearer the point of divergence. Like I said above, overall the character development was decent. I did, however, have one quibble. The two protagonists both have disdain for their society, which the author does a good job of showing. However, it seems like these two are the only ones in the world who find it stifling, and, given that their attitude is somewhat necessary to the plot, this makes the plot seemed contrived. If the author would have spent a little more space developing a general teenage rebellion toward society (she does this somewhat; just not quite enough), it would have smoothed out this objection. Another issue I had is that, if you’re writing alternative fiction, you need to have a reason for things to go differently than what happened in real life. I’m not sure this author addressed those issues well enough. Though, perhaps, she intends to do so in the sequel(s). Finally, the writing could have been tighter. The extra words didn’t bother me too much throughout most of the book, but I felt it detracted from the action scenes, leaving them feeling incorrectly paced and muddled.

Bottom Line: Putting a star category on this one is difficult for me. On one hand, I enjoyed parts of it and plan to buy the sequel. On the other, there were at least five annoyances that ranged from minor to pretty bad. For 99 cents, it’s worth buying, but, based on the sheer number of problems, I had to go with 3 stars instead of four.


5 thoughts on “Review of Timepiece

  1. Quote: “I’m having WordPress issues. I wasn’t able to access the “New Post” feature at all yesterday, and it’s still acting buggy today. Is this just me or are others having problems?”

    Have you tried different browsers? A little while ago, I had problems accessing post features in Google Chrome but Firefox was fine. After a week of using Firefox, Chrome was behaving normally again – go figure! Also, you might try emptying your browser’s cache – sometimes old, cached information gets in the way and creates problems.

      • I did mean to ask whether you’re self-hosted or using I assume the latter. I doubt it’s just you – but these random problems pop up at times – somehow without hitting everybody. One thing I have discovered – support is very slow! The only WP issue I’ve had that I got quick support for was to do with Akismet, who look after their own plugin!

        I’m glad that it’s working for you now. Hopefully it’s the last time you’ll suffer it 😉

        You’re very welcome 🙂

      • Steve,

        I’m using WordPress for hosting. This isn’t the first time I’ve had issues, and they usually clear up after a day. However, I also have some problems with some other sites, and it’s because I’m using an outdated version of IE. Need to do something about that at some point…

      • Brian, I never use IE unless I’m absolutely forced to lol. Every hacker in the world knows it’s a prime target 😦 I’d recommend Firefox, Chrome or Opera ahead of IE any time. Part of the problem is Microsoft’s determination to go their own way and ignore many web standards, including the latest versions of HTML and CSS – drives you nuts! If you need to update IE anyway, take a look at one of the competition first 😉

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