Review of Firefly Island

In Firefly Island, Mr. Arenson tells of a land separated into five distinct regions, each inhabited by a people with a particular magic ability. One among each of the peoples is gifted with power far beyond the normal, and this novel relates the fight against one such firechild who seeks to rule the entire island.

Why to buy this book: There does exist within this book a coherent story.

Why not to buy the book: My use of the word “tells” in the first paragraph of this review wasn’t an accident. The author spends far too little time showing. There is absolutely nothing subtle or engaging about the techniques employed in the writing of this novel.

Bottom Line: Please understand that it is my desire to support authors. I want to read and enjoy books. Unfortunately, this novel is too poorly written for me to offer even the most lukewarm recommendation. If this were a self-published writer, I’d probably tell him that he needs to work on his craft a bit more. It boggles my mind that a traditional publisher, even a small one, would choose to put a product like this one on the market. Two stars.


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