Writing Resources:

Mythic Scribes Forum

If you’re writing fantasy and need help, this site is a must.  The helpful members, including me, answer questions, give tips, and critique works-in-progress. 

Seventh Sanctum Name Generator

I take great care in naming my main characters.  When they encounter a person who’s only going to be in a single scene, however, I don’t want to spend a ton of time coming up with a name.  I use the site to generate a list of 50 names and choose from them.

Pro Writing Aid 

One of the posters at Mythic Scribes linked to this recently.  You copy/paste your piece into this editor, and it gives you lots of helpful reports such as identifying overused words and sentences that are too long.  Kind of like the green lines in Word, you have to use your judgment on what advice to take, but it’s helpful to put on the final spit and polish nonetheless.

Emotion Thesaurus 

If you’re like me, you sometimes struggle to figure out how to show a character’s emotional state.  This site helps a lot.  One day soon, I’m going to break down and buy this book!

List of Feeling Words

Using emotionally charged words is a great subtle way to increase the emotion in a scene.

The Editor’s Blog

This is the best guide to punctuating dialogue I’ve found.  I keep finding myself having to refer back to it, especially when using a beat to interrupt dialogue.

Writing Services

Editing: I use Tim Dedopulos over at Flourish Editing. He’s got over twenty years of experience, and over a hundred books that he has edited have been published and sold over three million copies.

Graphic Artist: I used Neil Hutchison (check out his other art here) for Abuse of Power. I’m pleased with the result and would recommend him.

Book Blogs:

Pauline’s Fantasy Reviews is my favorite book blog.  She writes balanced, in depth reviews, and she pays attention to indie authors.  If you’re in need of a recommendation, check her out.

Author Friends:

Call of Heroes 

Every writer needs someone to bounce ideas off of.  The guy who runs this site helps a lot with my work and is working on a novel of his own.  He’s Ankari on Mythic Scribes.

Terry W. Ervin II (his blog)

This fellow Mythic Scribes member is the author of Flank Hawk and Blood Sword.  I haven’t gotten to that second one yet, but it’s high on my list.

Benjamin Clayborne’s Blog

This fellow Mythic Scribes member is the author of Queen of Mages.

JC Farnham’s Blog

This fellow Mythic Scribes member is in the same position as me, trying like mad to finish editing his work to get it published.  His blog covers many of the same topics as mine.

Samuel Raven Croft’s Blog

Another one of my friend’s for Mythic Scribes.  He and I have agreed to beta read for each other.

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