Works in Progress

Current Works in Progress (updated on 2/26/13)

Power of the Mages:

My epic fantasy novel that tells the story of young Xan and his quest to win the girl, save his life, and prevent the duchy from falling into the enemy’s hands.

  • First Draft – Done (Yes!)
  • Second Draft – Done (Double Yes!!)
  • Third Draft – 83% (working on Chapter 26/30)

I’m a little behind as I hoped to be finished with the 3rd draft by Friday, Mar 1. In reality, I should finish early the next week. I’ll compress my eight weeks of “distance” in order to make up that little bit of lost schedule.

Abuse of Power:

My novelette about how Ashley’s (from Power of the Mages) parents met.  DONE! (and published)

Playing Whack-A-Mole, here as it seems I can never completely finish anything. I sent this in to an editor and have a bit of work to do to get it ready for release (Look for it FREE on my site no later than early April).

The Slender Man Massacre:

I’m doing this one a little differently.  Instead of doing the rough draft of the entire book, I’m getting each chapter to “3rd Draft” stage before moving on to the next.

Finished with Chapter 6.

Man in White:

Submission draft completed and entered into contest.  It won!  Plan is to do some heavy revision and submit it for publication somewhere.

Update: Still on hold, though I’ve been giving it some thought. Not sure if I should try to publish it or sell it on its own.

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