About BrianWFoster

Brian W. Foster is a speculative fiction writer whose fantasy novellette, Abuse of Power, was published in the December 2012 issue of Myths Inscribed and whose first novel, Power of the Mages, will be released in summer of 2013.  He also has plans for a scifi adventure series featuring an alien invasion and is collaborating with his niece on a young adult suspense horror called The Slender Man Massacre.

Brian lives with his foster child and his wife, Amanda, in California.  He is a season ticket holder for the New Orleans Saints, plays in two dynasty fantasy football leagues (finishing as champion of one and dead last in the other for 2012), enjoys strategy board games, and is a registered professional engineer (mechanical) in the state of Louisiana.  He also has a tendency to write segments like this one in the third person but feels strange about doing so.

Contact Information:

For personal communications and queries, email me at: author@brianwfoster.com

I don’t promise to be prompt, but I will respond to all personal messages.

For submissions to be critiqued, send your email to: Submissions@brianwfoster.com


7 thoughts on “About BrianWFoster

  1. I see you came for a visit. Thanks. I love speculative fiction. Though I haven’t had a lot of luck selling purely speculative fiction, I include it a lot… in fact almost always… in the fiction I do write.

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