Submissions for Coaching

I read books about writing for nearly a decade before putting (e)pen to (e)paper.  When I went to the first meeting of a writing critique group, I had my piece ready.  I reviewed it over and over.  Expecting the other writers to praise me for my extraordinary skills, I read it to them.

By the end of the session, they each had used about a gallon of red ink, and I had learned some of the realities of writing.  Chief among them is that there is no better way to improve your craft than to have it torn apart by another writer.

I’m offering to do that for you.  Send me your piece, limited to less than 1000 words, and I’ll post it on my blog with comments.  My goal will be to coach you in writing techniques in order to help you get your writing out of the way of your story.

Send to:

In the email, please include information regarding how you wish to be referred to.  I’d prefer not to do “anonymous,” but an appropriate pen name is not a problem.  I’ll tag all the posts with the name so it will be easily searchable.

Submissions for Book Review

This is not a book blog, and I do not intend to turn it into one.  On the other hand, I do review the occassional book.  If you have something that you think I will like:

Send an email to:

Include in the email the B&N (my preference) or Amazon link to your book.  I’ll check out the sample.  If I like it, I’ll email you asking for an electronic copy for review.  Either way, I’ll send you a reply email to let you know my decision.

After I read the book, I will give you an honest review and post it on my blog, at B&N (if published there), at Amazon, and on Goodreads.

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